Acoustic Walls

If the ambient acoustics of your projects could suffer from reverberation, sound distortion or echo problems, Ace Acoustics (UK), with the superb, competitively priced Whisper Walls® systems, will have the answer with bespoke panels.

Architects, interior designers and contractors will know the importance of aesthetics in any design situation.

Our acoustic wall systems are available in various thicknesses, which include 12mm, 23mm, 27mm, 32mm and 52mm as standard for the site-fabricated system and meet with absorber class ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’. Other systems include Tuning, Art, Baffle, Cloud and Tack-able, which are demountable, with 1000’s of fabrics to choose from. Alternatively, printed images or bespoke artwork is an option. Dual density cores can also be utilised for specific acoustic panel requirements. As with all our products, the fabrics are completely removable (and replaceable) because our polymer stretching system uses no glue or mechanical fasteners to attach the fabric.

All of our acoustic wall systems comply with UK and EU building regulations and are built from the highest quality materials.

Detailed Tailoring

We understand that, in many environments, an aesthetic finish is just as important as the acoustic performance and we go above and beyond to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

Flexibility is the key with Whisper Walls and we recognise that some clients like to go just that little bit further to ensure that their interior design and finish is undeniably unique. For example, favourite colours can be matched perfectly or name styles or logos, indeed any required image, can be seamlessly incorporated into an overall design.

There is no end to the variations possible with Whisper Walls and any aspect of the design can be personalised and enhanced with customised design elements, textiles and colours, adding that indefinable personal touch. This allows us to deliver totally bespoke acoustic wall systems that meet your sound requirements whilst really making an impact.

We thrive on challenging projects and we can tailor Whisper Wall® panels to just about any dimension or configuration to accommodate, pipes, conduits, window frames and any architectural features (alcoves, steps, arches and so on).

Whisper Art – (Portrait Size or Moveable Panel)

Acoustic wall systems don’t have to dominate a space; in fact, they can add a whole new and refreshing dimension, whilst also enhancing sound quality.

Whisper Art will add beauty and acoustic control to any space you choose and is the result of the creative pairing of our very high resolution imaging with Whisper Walls acoustic products. It comes to you fully assembled and ready to hang, just like a normal painting, and may be produced from any high quality medium including fine art, photography and digital images.

Whisper Art, with its movable acoustic panels and tackable pin-boards is perfect for updating or decorating any space, can be integrated as part of the overall wall design and will help to solve unwanted noise problems at the same time.

You’ll find Whisper Art in many homes, restaurants, company reception areas and offices, hospitals, places of worship, auditoriums, bars & nightclubs, meeting rooms, exhibition and conference centres, airports, schools and libraries. Again, you can supply your own image or the Ace Acoustics team will manage the whole process for you. (Should you need an image that actually becomes part of the wall or ceiling, take a look at our Whisper Mural product).

With Whisper Art, the options really are endless!

You can obtain your own images from royalty free websites or even your own personal digital images, which can be printed onto the fabric of the Whisper Wall, scaled to your wall surface.

Whisper Mural – (Full Wall/Ceiling or 360 Degree Scape)

Like Whisper Art, Whisper Mural will add beauty and acoustic control to any wall or ceiling area you choose via an imaginative pairing of our very high resolution imaging with Whisper Walls acoustic products.

Works of art, photographs or graphics can be incorporated into your overall design scheme without inhibiting acoustic performance. Our specialised imaging technology can create stunning reproductions of virtually any size or shape. Whisper Mural is built on-site and unlike Whisper Art products, becomes a custom fitted but integral part of the wall or ceiling. You can supply your own image or the Ace Acoustics team will manage the whole process for you, including design, scanning, consultations, image and artist search.

Our specialist team of designers and installers has extensive experience when it comes to working on projects of different scales and natures – so you can rest assured that they will manage your Whisper Murals project effectively from start to finish.

If you need an image that is a separate piece of art and can be hung wherever you wish, much as a painting, please look at our Whisper Art product.

For further information about our acoustic walls or to discuss your project in more detail, please get in touch – our skilled, experienced team is ready and waiting to help!

Whisper Art and Murals by ‘Curiosity and the Catt’ [Artist]

Why not have your acoustic panelling artistically designed and presented to match whatever it is you dream of. We are working with a renowned artist to providing you with completely original tailor made pieces of artwork that will be professionally hand crafted using a variety of mediums, which will then be digitally scanned and applied to the acoustic fabric, with the option to keep the original piece.

There are a number of pre made designs you can choose from, or you can have something designed especially for you. We offer a one to one session with our artist who will spend a bit of time getting to know you, what you like and together create something that matches your own taste, style and personality.'


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