Corporate Acoustics

In their reception areas, lobbies, meeting rooms, video conference rooms and quiet rooms, companies of all descriptions can, with Whisper Walls, create exactly the right impression to clients, prospective clients, suppliers, professional consultants – indeed, visitors of all descriptions.

Whisper Walls interiors create a distinctive appearance that will confer respect, communicate confidence and generally set the tone for the business conducted within. Open plan offices will have a tailored, designed appearance and an acoustic performance that will permit staff to concentrate on the task in hand and not be distracted by unwelcome noise and clatter. They will be able to hear one another properly, will communicate better all round and employers will find that operational and staff efficiency are greatly enhanced, with stress levels much reduced.

In executive areas and boardrooms, Whisper Walls special features and its range of distinctive fabrics can provide a warm rich environment and create an aural and visual ambience that is perfect for the business environment.


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