Optimum Engineered Panels

The Optimum Engineered [O.E.] Panel is a new ‘Whisper Walls’ acoustic panel system. O.E. panels are designed and engineered to provide the optimum balance between cost and performance, meeting or exceeding all required acoustic efficiency and quality requirements.

In the current financial climate, architects and designers are looking for highly efficient but economical acoustic materials and faster installation, which will reduce costs substantially.

The new O.E. panels provide a practical and elegant solution, with a large range of colour finishes, widths between 1600mm and 2900mm and a choice of 27mm depth, with Sound Absorption Class ‘C’ (also available with Sound Absorption Class ‘B’) or 52mm depth with Sound Absorption Class ‘A’, all protected by an unconditional five-year warranty. All O.E. panels meet with FR Class ’1’ (Euro Class ‘C’) or optional FR Class ‘O’ (Euro Class ‘B’), if required.


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