System Finishes

The ranges of finishes that will compliment the fabric are metals and timbers.

Fabrics that are suitable include compositions of polyester, cotton, wool and polypropylene, or those of Olefinic components.

Materials featuring rayon, viscose or nylon must never be employed in a stretch fabric installation because such components are ‘hydrophilic’ in nature (readily absorbing atmospheric moisture) and are likely to sag and ripple in a way that will not be corrected, once humidity levels return to normal.
Very lightweight materials may allow mounting systems or cores to be discernible and, in such cases, lining or suitable backing can be applied. Whisper Walls systems readily allow the replacement of textile coverings, should damage occur as and when re-decoration is planned.

Maximum design dimensions of panels will depend on the available lengths and widths of the fabrics selected fabrics can be joined utilising whisper wall Mid-wall polymer sections, should the fabric not be wide enough.

In any stretch fabric wall system, the selection of material is perhaps the key element and ideally, you should contact us early in your project planning, to initiate the discussion on suitable wall, ceiling or panel covering.

Leather & Suede

Other materials for Whisper Walls include leather or suede.

White Panels

White panels are available up to 2.9 metres wide, with a 12mm thick non-acoustic option available. This is ideal for covering unsightly surfaces.

Noise Reduction Coefficient Table

System Thickness Frequency
Absorption Coefficient
Whisper Walls 52mm System 250
Absorber Class A – (NRC) = 0.95
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