At Ace Acoustics, we are as aware as anybody of the threats facing the world, its population and its wildlife. Because of the increasingly crippling effects of global warming, we are witnessing record temperatures, record rainfalls, out of control wildfires and more frequent hurricanes, typhoons and extreme weather patterns of all kinds. 

We must all pull together to minimise the damage we are causing and, at Ace Acoustics, we do our very best by using sustainable materials and following eco-responsible work practises.  We also strive to ensure that our suppliers are equally responsible, share our awareness and institute similar eco-protective measures whenever and wherever possible.

We also encourage contractors and vendors, to act in accordance with our environmental standards and in our supplier selection process: all else being equal, we will always favour the most eco-committed companies.

Ace Acoustics also makes a positive environmental contribution to the local business and private communities.

We are an environmentally aware, responsible and, above all, an eco-supportive company and, in adhering to this commitment, we continually strive to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least possible harmful effect on the environment.

Ace Acoustics supply and install Whisper Walls® bespoke, composite acoustic panels for both the public & private sectors. The system’s various components are predominantly made with recycled materials as part of our dedicated commitment to environment sustainability. We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and we are committed to improving our environmental performance and minimising any potential harmful effects, via eco-sensitive policies and effective management.


Whisper Walls acoustic ECO panels are suitable for use in all LEED projects. 

The responsible sourcing of materials will guide procurement throughout all projects, and by all involved in the specification and procurement of construction materials.


The Whisper Walls track is made from 100% post-industrial recycled materials and is the key component to the Whisper Walls site-fabricated acoustic panel system. While the standard Whisper Walls Track profiles are made of PVC, due to their high-quality attributes, our Whisper Walls’ manufacturers have developed a line of PVC-Free track profiles to meet the demands of the design community when a PVC-Free interior environment is specified. The Whisper Walls PVC-Free track alternative stretching profiles, have the same high exacting standards as the traditional PVC for constructing a Whisper Walls site-fabricated panel system.


Our fabric manufacturers use only premium-quality material in their processes and control practically all the stages in the production supply chain. This means that they are also capable of limiting the impact of their activities on the environment.

These companies continually search for ways of making their processes cleaner and more efficient.  The colour inks and frame inks used are completely solvent-free ever and, in turn, they also require their suppliers to remove heavy metals from their products.  They continue to select partners and suppliers based on a criterion of double quality standards of the product itself and in terms of their environmental care performance.

Our manufacturers have, to the greatest possible extent, eliminated any raw materials that are likely to have a negative impact on the environment. 

When our manufacturers make investments into new products, they choose the most environmentally friendly alternative out of principle, even when it is more expensive. This approach has allowed them to achieve substantial savings in consumption of energy and water in recent years.


Our acoustic core manufacturer is a leading global supplier of a comprehensive range of insulation products for residential and commercial buildings. Their products are manufactured using an entirely natural and sustainable resource; volcanic rock, and this is wholly recyclable. 

During its lifetime, a typical insulation product will save more than 100 times the energy used in its manufacture. These products provide excellent acoustic performance and by their very nature, their extraction does no harm to the global ecosystem whatsoever.


The sourcing of all timber and timber-based products used on any of our projects must be legally harvested and traded: all is sourced in accordance with the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy.


sustainability table

Panel Widths - Maximum panel widths shown are without utilising any Whisper Walls Mid-wall tracks for ‘hairline’ fabric joins, which are used for larger panels if required.

Maximum Panel Length = Maximum length of fabric on a roll: 25/30/35/50m – subject to textile choice.

Textile; Fire Rated Options: Euroclass ‘B’, or ‘C’.

BS EN 13501-1; Euroclass ‘B’ Fire Rated - When tested with Whisper Walls Composite Acoustic Panel System, with Euroclass ‘B’ treated, 100% Polyester textile.

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