Acoustic Solutions

The installation of acoustic panels is the most effective method for reducing noise and controlling sound in a wide variety of different spaces and will improve audibility in areas that suffer from reverberation and other sound-related problems. Imagine a completely, good-to look-at, calm and stress-free environment which now, thanks to the superb acoustic panel range from Ace Acoustics, can be installed to your space.

If the ambient acoustics of your project suffer from reverberation, sound distortion or echo, Ace Acoustics (UK), with the superb, competitively-priced Whisper Walls® systems, will have the answer, with bespoke acoustic panels in absorber class 'A', 'B' or 'C'. Panel options include our site-fabricated, acoustic panel system and our factory-built demountable panels, which include tackable 23mm, Tuning or suspended Cloud 43mm & Wall Mount or suspended Baffle 54mm.

We offer a comprehensive range of acoustic panels in a variety of sizes and finishes to meet your specific needs and you will be astonished by the huge difference these panels will make, providing a stress-free environment and really beautiful, aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Our site-fabricated acoustic panel system will allow your designer virtually unlimited freedom to create any design, from the very traditional to the most intricate, choosing from our vast range of fabrics and colours. In some situations, you can use your own choice of textiles, with the eventual effect being limited only by the imagination of the designer involved. The overall result is a beautiful wall surface with the added benefit of pleasing and highly efficient acoustics. And, of course, the system has the ability to use any type of material behind the fabric, whether it is acoustically absorptive, reflective or tack-able – or even a combination of all three.


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