Worldwide, for marine architects, designers and engineers, Whisper Walls systems have long been the brand of choice. Yachts and cruisers of all sizes – from 18 ft. upwards – have had their interior décors transformed by Whisper Walls fabrics and designs and there is an enormous range of finishes and textures available.

Total flexibility and on-site fabrication allow complete and detailed customisation to meet each owner’s or designer’s specific requirements. The acoustic core of the system is optional and its omission will not in any way affect the appearance of the chosen design.

Unique Whisper Walls system adapts easily to marine usage and is able to conform to all curves and shapes and can be comfortably tailored around portholes.

Installation can be carried out at sea, river or dry dock locations and is non-problematical, lighter than comparable systems and can easily be removed or replaced.


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